Ilpoom Jeong, GSA Principal

“A forward thinking, on the rise, new kind of architect, motivated and deeply inspired by nature and the environment as a whole. His passion for excellence and perfection is reflected in the beauty and fluidity of his designs and the life each embodies. Seeing truly is believing!”

Columbia University - Advanced Architectural Design - M.S.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) - Registered Architect

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)- Certification

Leader on BIM technology (Latest 3D information Modeling) Taught BIM as an instructor at several World Class Architectural Firms.

“Beauty is both Function and a Factor of Efficiency.” I. Jeong

14 years of experience and counting…

While Ilpoom Jeong’s experience and expertise in design and leading superior and extremely diverse architectural projects from high-rises, hotels, condominiums, and colleges to retail outfits, restaurants, residences, hospitals and bridges, make for a great introduction. It is also definitely worth noting that Jeong has the exceptional distinction of having worked with some of the finest architectural firms in New York.